Save with Us

Save with Us

Get more from your money!

Savings as shares in a Credit Union are a better way to save. You are not just another customer but an active member of a highly successful financial co-operative. Yes, you have a share in the ownership of the Credit Union. Along with having a say in the operation of the Credit Union you also earn dividends.

Our savings benefits

Members enjoy many benefits saving with us, including:

Savings balances over and above any loan you may have are available to you to withdraw on demand.

Free life cover on saving up to €5,000 (subject to terms and condition)

Savings are covered by Deposit Guarantee Scheme

There are no transaction charges or fees.


  • Tullow Credit Union have Share Accounts each share is €1 and you need a minimum of €5 to qualify for membership.
  • Dividends are paid annually from any surplus.
  • All dividends are subject to DIRT which is deducted by the Credit Union at source.
  • Some members may be exempt from paying DIRT ie. Members aged over 65 with an income less than €18,000, and in the case of a couple a joint income of €36,000. Members must complete a DE1 Form and return to Tullow Credit Union to be eligible for exemption.
  • All dividends paid above €300 are reported annually to the Revenue for DIRT purposes.
  • Accounts become Dormant after 3 years inactivity where no member transaction has occurred. To reactivate a dormant account we need up to date proof of ID, proof of address and a transaction on the account.
  • Savings are covered by the Deposit Guarantee scheme up to the value of €100,000 per member.
  • Withdrawals of shares are on demand provided they are not pledged against a loan.
  • Shares are insured - for more details refer to our Services section.


Credit union members can rest easy in the assurance that their savings are safe. Credit Unions in Ireland, which are affiliated to the Irish League of Credit Unions, are secured in several ways:

  • All officials of credit unions, whether volunteers or staff, must be fidelity bonded.
  • Members savings within certain limits are insured through Life Savings Insurance.
  • All monies received in the credit union are properly recorded and lodged regularly.
  • Full financial statements are prepared and can be examined by members.
  • Annual independently audited returns are lodged with the relevant authority, The Central Bank of Ireland.

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Online Withdrawals

Due to the ongoing SCAM targeting Credit Union Members, Tullow Credit Union have decided to reduce the daily withdrawal limit to €2,000

17 Feb 2023

Reminder Regarding Current Text Scam

Tullow Credit Union would like to remind members that they will never ask for PIN numbers or activation codes over the phone.

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